“Breathe, Motherfucker.“

Lake Michigan’s waves lapped up over the concrete edge, beckoning me. It was a warm mid-May day. Snow had fallen only a few weeks prior. Chicago’s weather was as mercurial as my actions. I dove in, fully clothed. My heart pounded erratically against my chest, constricting my breathing. My limbs tingled, and I thought to myself, this is the end. Shortly after that thought, Wim Hof’s famous one-liner popped into my thoughts. “Breathe, motherfucker.”

Gracias, Garcia Boy

DePaul University’s nonprofit Big Shoulders Books press disseminates, free of charge, quality works of writing by and about Chicagoans whose voices might not otherwise be shared. The press is primarily run by students in the university's MA in Writing and Publishing and undergraduate English programs. This interview with Miles Harvey and Emily Olson-Torch highlights Big Shoulders Books' most recent release, "The Garcia Boy," and shares the story of the late award-winning essayist and educator Rafael Torch, the son of an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

The Cases Are Moot, but the Implications in American Society are Quite Certain

The Ames Moot Court Competition is not only considered a rite of passage for Harvard Law Students; it also serves as an opportunity for aspiring lawyers to delve into appellate brief writing and advocacy in spirited mock-trial settings. Harvard Law School implements mock cases with issues that encapsulate national security, technology, and privacy... Let’s compile our briefs, collect our arguments, and gather our courage. May justice be served. ​

Humanoid Robots Are Poised to Transform Society and the Data Center | Data Center Post

Past keynote speakers at International Telecommunications Week (ITW) have been spectacular, no doubt. It’s hard to beat open plenaries featuring The Woz, Al Gore, former President Bill Clinton, and others. But Sophia, the humanoid robot, a guest speaker at ITW 2018, which took place May 6-9 in Chicago, was truly someone special. ITW 2018 kicked off with Sophia’s creator, the founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics, Dr. Hanson, discussing how robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the potenti

Artificial Intelligence and SD-WAN Among the Hot Topics Explored at ITW 2018 | Data Center Post

Data Center POST Interview with Jodi Carrier, Director of Business Development, Call Delivery Systems, and Guy Pearson, Global Network Architecture Manager, Interpublic Group At International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2018, which took place May 6-9 in Chicago, Data Center POST had the opportunity to speak with Jodi Carrier, Director of Business Development at Call Delivery Systems, and Guy Pearson, Global Network Architecture Manager at Interpublic Group. Call Delivery Systems helps telecommunication

Staying Ahead of the Technological Curve

Telecom Newsroom Interview with Patrick Coughlin, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Revenue Officer of FirstLight Fiber As Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of , is responsible for leading all aspects of sales and marketing while executing the company’s growth strategy. Previously, he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fibertower. Telecom Newsroom recently sat down with Patrick to discuss the long-term impact of emerging technologies and

Exploring the Impact of Innovative Networking Technologies

NEDAS Boston Interview with Karl May, Founder and CEO of Join With more than two decades of IT industry experience, is the Founder and CEO of , the Digital Concierge built on a secure national network to deliver IT on-demand to flexible office environments. Prior to the creation of Join, Karl was the founder and CEO of Treq Labs, Inc., a company that pioneered the software-defined router that has been deployed by hundreds of enterprises, including Telstra, BT, and NTT. Karl began his career as

Crossing Barriers of Time and Distance

Telecom Newsroom Interview with Rick Angelini, Director-Network Engineering and Implementation of ExteNet Systems As the Director of Network Engineering and Implementation at , is an eight-year engineering and construction veteran in the outdoor DAS and small cell solutions industry sector, primarily serving the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Prior to joining ExteNet, Rick was the Director of Project Management for the Fiberoptic Link Around the Globe (FLAG) system, a 27,000-kilometer fi

Enabling the Next Generation of Wireless Technology With Advanced Network Architecture

As President and Chief Executive Officer of , applies proven industry management expertise to deliver cutting-edge communication network solutions to the market. Ray oversees all aspects of the business operations, effectively leading a team of experts to solve industry problems created by the proliferation of mobile data. In addition to Ray’s role at ZenFi, he is also a Founding Partner of Metro Network Services, LLC, a company focused on network planning, engineering, deployment and maintenanc

The Impact of 5G Technology on the Telecommunications Infrastructure Industry

Telecom Newsroom Interview with Ray Crews, Jr., Director of Strategy and Analysis, Enterprise Networking Solutions is the Director of Strategy and Analysis for the portfolio of . Ray works with property owners, enterprises and service providers, helping them understand the impact of cutting-edge technology and the value of indoor distributed network infrastructure. Prior to ExteNet, Ray held a similar role with Phoenix Tower International, helping U.S. wireless carriers with colocation and deve

A Shining Light for In-Building Systems

NEDAS Boston Interview with Dean Fresonke, Co-Founder and SVP of Business Development of ClearSky Technologies, Inc. Dean Fresonke is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and co-founder of . Dean manages ClearSky’s in-building and RF design product initiatives and is responsible for relationships with key partners and customers. This April, T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest wireless carriers, respectively, tied the knot. The $26 billion merger is giving them a g

Summer 2016 Study Abroad Blog

“Barcelona!” We shrieked in the kitchen, as we were cooking up a storm of chicken tortilla soup. “Yes, yes!!” We were fired up and ready to book a weekend trip to Barcelona, all scrolling furiously on our laptops. After two hours of searching, our ventures proved fruitless. Flights a week out were too expensive, Airbnbs were booked… it looked like a lost cause. We slurped our soups thoughtfully. “SCOTLAND!!” I burst out suddenly. “Can we please go to Scotland?” I begged.